M-PAYG provides pay-as-you-go solar energy for families in developing countries.


M-PAYG is a provider of pay-as-you-go solar systems for developing countries. We allow low-income families access to clean energy through affordable monthly mobile money installments. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the best-sized solar panels for their individual needs, with the best financing.


M-PAYG is a tech company founded in 2015 with a strategy to radically improve access to renewable energy for the people living below the poverty line in developing countries. Our vision is to democratize access to affordable, clean and reliable energy for the 1.4 billion people who currently suffer from energy poverty.


M-PAYG is a team of specialists working at the intersection of IT innovation and design for impact.  We have a history of building disruptive technologies in crowdfunding, banking, and bottom-of-the-pyramid business.

David Reerman Dizon

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

David is a tech entrepreneur with a background in technology strategy. He is leading the commercial and product strategy. Prior to co-founding M-PAYG he was working on projects in digitalization, IoT and new business models at Deloitte Consulting.

Asger Trier Bing

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Asger is a serial FinTech entrepreneur and founder of the largest crowdfunding in Denmark. Asger has also  developed microfinance projects in Asia and currently works within strategy development and partnerships  at M-PAYG.

Rajesh Veluswamy

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Rajesh is a Software Architect with over 18 years of rich product development experience in diverse technological environments. At M-PAYG, Rajesh is our technology lead, helping us implement our software.

Allan Nørgaard Kristensen

H/W Developer

Allan has his background in prototyping and product design from Delta Electronics. He is currently in charge of leading M-PAYG’s  hardware development.

Amelia Bennett

UX Designer

Amelia  is a specialist in user experience and interaction design. She applies people-centered design processes to create solutions that are rooted in the real lives of users.

Mohamed Ashraf

S/W Developer

Mohamed is our backend development guru. With extensive experience in web development at large technology companies in the USA, he’s making M-PAYG’s software system strong. 

Arun Prasad

Business Developer

Arun has over 15 years of experience in Finance and Wealth Management Technology at Wall Street financial institutions in multiple disciplines as IT Service Delivery, Project Management, Process Innovation & Change Management.


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